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Wedding season in India

Wedding season in India

Wedding season in India is no less than a festival with so many events to attend, with all that dancing and, of course, the mouth-watering food. Wedding season is something we all wait for each year. While it's all good to attend, dance and eat at a wedding, the only thing that gets you worried each year is your clothes

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The season of glitz and glamour demands you to look your best and bring out the best outfits from your wardrobe. While guys are skilled at dancing and drinking at a wedding, the only thing they face trouble with is selecting an appropriate outfit for an occasion. With the wedding season about to begin in India, the preparation for it has already started. Because wedding outfits take time to be assembled, this is the right time to select and get the best outfits made. Keeping it as simple as it can get, we get you the best outfits you can wear to a wedding in the upcoming season.

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Its the wedding season and you might have already received tons of invitations to your friends and relatives Indian weddings. So once you have received the wedding card the very first question that pops in our minds is : What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest? and we are talking about the Indian men as well. While women might have a lot of options , men might think they have very few options. Today we let you know the various awesome options men can sport at an Indian wedding as a guest.

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Men have loads of options to show off their sartorial style at an indian wedding nowadays. If you are always confused a to what to wear to an Indian wedding as a male guest? You can always pick an outfit depending on the your role in the wedding. You can wear a royal sherwani, smart bandhgala or a designer Indian suit. But its best to stick to truly traditional clothes  when you are attending an Indian wedding.

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First of all the wedding invitation might hold a few dress codes but its best to stick to traditional clothing when it comes to guest attire at Indian weddings. You can go for ethnic wear for weddings with Indian customs and wear Indo-western wear or Western wear for receptions. Gone are days when men would make an appearance in the kurta -pyajama or a sherwani. the modern men like to experiment and try their best to put up a great outfit that will not only make them look amazing but attract all the attention and make them stand apart from the crowd.

If you think its the women who have loads of different styles and variety to flaunt at Indian weddings, you might have to think again as men might have limited choices when it comes to traditional clothing but Indian designers have given way to great outfit choices for men. Indian outfits for men have been expanded , thanks to influence of Bollywood cinema and exceptional Indian fashion designers showcasing amazing wedding ceremony outfits for men on the ramp. 

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What about the first timers? According to us most of the male guests who are attending an Indian wedding for the first time will be faced with the perplexing question: something like, what do you wear to an Indian wedding, as a guest? Be it the mehndi ceremony, the sangeet, cocktail party, the wedding or the reception , we are here to help.So today we are going to help you find that perfect outfit you can wear to an Indian wedding as a guest and make the right impression!
Read on to know what exactly you have to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest  Or maybe the next time time someone from your friends or family pop a question' What does a man wear to an Indian wedding?' , you know the exact answer to that ;)


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