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Know Your Stripes!

Know Your Stripes!

Stripes, the one trend that can never go out of fashion! This classic trend instantly reminds us of days spent soaking up the sun chilling out on a private yacht. And now you have added a new adjective to your defining characteristics. Edgy! It’s difficult to stay away, coz we’re just so fascinated. Whether it is teaming a nautical striped crop top with a printed pencil skirt or donning a tunic in shades of green; whether it is wearing a pair of striped sneakers in the most perky colors or wearing a striped monochrome dress, stripes never ever let us down. And that is why we will always be a lover of this trend. If you too are obsessed about stripes as much as we are or want to get up-close with this trend, this article will give you everything you are looking for. Stripes galore!

Ishi wearing Jompers stripped kurta


Very fine lines that run parallel across a solid colored fabric, usually reserved for men’s wear. Women can rock pinstripes too, to keep you from looking like a fashion outcast, keep the silhouette fun and flirty by opting a cold shoulder or a crop top.


Railroad Stripes

Railroad stripes trigger fond childhood memories of rompers and overalls, but don’t diss these just yet! These stripes have grown into a monster runway trend. Get the trend bang on this season. Opt for an easy silhouette with a quirky accent. 

Ishi pulling oof jompmers women kurta like a pro

Breton Stripes

Typically characterized as a cotton top with blue sailor like stripes, they sound boring AF but trust us this is the one wardrobe staple every woman must own. To nail this trend, pair breton stripes with a modern silhouette like a blazer or a sheek pencil skirt. 

Candy Stripes

Like the name suggests, these stripes resemble just what you’d expect to see on a candycane! To put it simply these are a vibrant mix of colored stripes against a white background. Celebrate your inner child with these stripes and ace the trend with a breezy silhouette.

jompers stripped rayon kurta for women

Awning Stripes

Relatively wide, evenly spaced out stripes of solid color on a lighter background. These stripes are for all the bold one out there! A tricky trend to pull off, but if done correctly you’re sure to steal the limelight. For first timers go with a striped top and a solid lower and seal the deal.

Jompers Women's Stripped Rayon Straight Kurta

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