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Size Confidence is the New Fashion

by Jompers Fashion 17 May 2019
Size Confidence is the New Fashion

There is an overwhelming influx about how we should view ourselves from the world around us. Our bodies are scrutinized constantly and we hear unsolicited feedback about them all the time. Eat less, eat more, eat better, slim down, tone up and count your glasses of water. The media glorifies certain body types as ‘perfect’, the only ones ideal for representing ‘fashion forward’. Friends and co-workers talk and let’s be honest, we’ve been self-conscious about wearing that crop top since we were 13 – it is only for those with flat abs after all!

Jompers checked khadi kurta

Women rarely dare to express love for their bodies because we’ve been conditioned not to. We’ve been taught, subtly and systemically, to pick apart our flaws and to shame our bodies and others’. This kind of self-hatred is an epidemic and right now is the time to challenge ourselves to make substantive changes for better.

Women Pink & Yellow Checked A-Line Kurta

Our core pillar as a clothing brand is inclusivity, which we have attempted to represent with our latest collection. From soft ruffles for brunches to standout pieces for the night, it’s a pleasure to see someone in the same outfit - just in a different size. We aim to raise the bar by promoting a culture in which inclusivity and self-love are a norm, not the exception.

Women Pink & Yellow Checked A-Line Kurta

We understand that not being able to find your size while shopping with your friends and family is a constant reminder that fashion is not for you, which is something we are attempting to fix. But we believe that all women can wear fashionable clothing and the woman that we represent is across ages and sizes.

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