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The key to a carefree dress-up routine

The key to a carefree dress-up routine

The key to a carefree dress-up routine is having some figure-flattering pieces in your wardrobe that you can reach for over and over. With plus size offerings being limited, your choices need to be smart in order to stay ahead of the fashion curve. So, here’s a list of thoughtfully chosen essentials that’ll make your everyday dressing more fashionable, easy and stress-free. If you find it hard to keep your wardrobe current and embrace your curves at the same time then read on:

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A Casual Dress

It is worth paying for a dress that fits and flatters. A dress tailored in a spandex blend material that cinches your waist will be your best bet. This kind of fabric follows your curves while keeping the silhouettes intact.

A go-to Party dress

Something that looks good on you and makes feel amazing must be your party wear pick. You can choose designs that accentuate what you love about your body and conceal what you don’t; as party dresses and gowns have an endless range of silhouettes crafted in a variety of fabrics.

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A Longline shirt

From oversized and slightly sheer to completely opaque, longline shirts come in a variety of colors, fabrics and prints to cater to individual wearer’s needs. You can wear these as tie-ups, dresses or pair these with ankle-cropped jeans for a simple yet chic coffee date look.   

A Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are perfect for mornings and evenings. This throw-on with everything outer wear is a practical and versatile piece that keeps you feeling warm and looking fab, all year long.

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A T-shirt

Whether you like it slouchy, tucked-in, knotted, fitted or loose-fit, this one is an absolute must for its unimaginable scope of styling and relevance across seasons.   

A Versatile Blazer

Get your hands on a neutral shade that goes with everything and a style that ends around your pelvic area that flatters most of the body types.

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