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The Future of Fashion is Sustainable

The Future of Fashion is Sustainable

With sustainable fashion on the rise, this year's cleaning will be unlike any other. The semi-annual wardrobe makeover performed by every fashion maven is undergoing a change.
People are growing conscious of its benefits like reduction of carbon footprint, and trends are shaping up accordingly. Designers are implementing eco-friendly methods and the runways are bestrewed with green fashion. Wait for the best part - high-quality materials are used to fabricate such apparel and you can be sure of their longevity without losing style points. 
Here are five essential steps for you to build a sustainable wardrobe.

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Organize your Wardrobe
A wardrobe full of clothes that you love and wear time and again is the perfect image of this style. It's time to get rid of the pieces that lie in the deep recesses of your wardrobe. Donate them to someone who would enjoy wearing them or, alternatively, go ahead and upcycle them for better use. 

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Use what you have
You'll be delighted to re-discover your long lost garments once you’ve arranged your wardrobe. Now that you have extra options, there is room to experiment with your clothes - try pairing them differently. Make the most out of your revamped wardrobe and aim for versatility. Now, you can buy those  outfits on sale  you’ve wanted for a while. 

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Make Do and Mend
Those pieces lying in your wardrobe with a button or two missing need some TLC. Don't spurn them just because sewing or hemming is required. Take a little time out of your daily routine, fetch your sewing kit and begin mending. 

Look after your Clothes
Take care of what you already own, and your clothes will outlive their expected viability. The labels on your clothes impart worthy tips, so be sure to heed them. This ensures sustainability and keeps their novelty intact.

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Change the way you Shop

Focus on purchasing timeless pieces. Quality items entail equivalent value, but since you’ll buy less, you may put them in the basket without a second thought. After all, no one wants to buy a new party dress which looks worn out after just a couple of washes.
Building a sustainable wardrobe can be a daunting task at first, but including these simple steps in your routine will surely make a significant change in the way you utilize your wardrobe. You'll be spending less time in front of your wardrobe pondering over what to wear and realise that less, is in fact, more!

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