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Fabric Tales: What suits you best?

Fabric Tales: What suits you best?

The fabric your garment is made of determines where you’ll wear it, how often you’ll wear it and how good it will finally look. It defines the overall style and appeal of your ensemble. While a fabric like silk is best for a dressy, elegant look, chiffon presents a sensuous, opulent charm. Cotton on the other hand is durable, comfortable and is a great choice if you prefer a dressed down appeal. However, your choice of fabric should not depend solely on the occasion; it must take into account your comfort and body type. Enough is said about the colour, silhouette and cuts ideal for different body types but what’s often taken for granted is the importance of choosing the right fabric. 

Jompers embroidered kurta for women

With fashion trends in mind, we pick assorted fabrics and darn them into befitting apparel at Jompers Fashion.
Your choice of apparel (and its fabric) plays the most important role in helping you stand apart. After all, you can’t really leave a lasting first impression with an ill-fitting piece of clothing, right? Nobody loves a fashion faux pas, so here are a few styling tips that you should keep in mind when choosing the right fabric according to your body type:

Pear Shaped Body

If you have narrow shoulders with a wide lower half and slim arms and neck, go for fabrics that will drape your curves softly and won’t cling. Cotton, chiffon, viscose and polyester blends are your safest bets. Try your best to avoid stiff fabrics like heavy knits or leather and stay away from anything shiny or sequined - which may tend to cling.

Jompers embroidered ethnic dresses for women

Petite Frame

If you fall in the category of women under 5.5 feet and have a relatively petite frame, you needn’t worry miss – you’ll look good in anything and everything you wear! Nevertheless, it is advised to opt for clingier clothes when you want to flaunt your curves and softer fabrics like linen, cotton or crepe to look like a diva on any given day. 

Jompers Women Blue Yoke Design Straight Kurta

Curvy Frame

For those with a fuller frame, you should choose a fabric that’ll highlight your curves and camouflage areas you feel nervous about - not that you wouldn’t rock any outfit you wear! Don’t think twice when it comes to nylon, cotton or ponte, but try and avoid fabrics that would stick to your body. Pro Tip – If you’re one from the taller lot, buy long dresses online with a soft, smooth silhouette.

Jompers Women Blue Yoke Design Straight Kurta

“Your choice of apparel (and its fabric) plays the most important role in helping you stand apart. 
All in all, the fabric you choose plays a significant role in elevating your overall look. Choose fabrics keeping in mind your personal taste, comfort and body type, to ensure looking the best possible version of yourself. And irrespective of what you wear, don’t forget to carry your most important accessory – your confidence.

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