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Justifications Every Shopaholic Makes

Justifications Every Shopaholic Makes

Have you ever walked into your room and noticed a pile full of clothes chilling on the floor? Or a few pairs of shoes lying in a corner of your space? Handbags that you don’t remember using last? Accept it or not, you’re the definition of a shopaholic! It’s time to acknowledge your addiction and come to terms with your shopaholism! Since we’re no different, we can totally relate to some (read – all) of these statements we’ve heard shopaholics making.
We’re sure you’ve made them too! Our biggest problems include the fact that our shopping bags are too heavy and there’s always a queue outside the changing rooms of our favourite boutiques. Have you been caught giving these justifications? -

1. “It’s on SALE!”

The magic word that triggers a sense of euphoria in your brain! This word has driven a lot of you into purchases you may have come to regret as well as lead you to find some sweet bargains. 50% off of that stunning designer dress? Count us in too!

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2. “I Have Nothing To Wear!”

The universal problem of every female! A closet full of beautiful clothes yet you always end up with nothing to wear to wear which leads you to indulge in more shopping because you just need to look perfect at the party you’ve been looking forward to all week. And of course, you also need new shoes to go with that dress!

3. “That Looks Amazing! I Need It!”

We know when you spot something exquisite on the mannequin, it is un-passable. You can just picture the future outfit possibilities in your mind and need to own it right away because you know if you don’t, it will haunt your dreams forever.

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4. “Shopping Is Therapy.”

A bad break-up? Work stressing you out? Bored? You will make absolutely any excuse in order to justify a trip to the mall. It is more therapeutic than the shrink or a sympathetic friend. Shopping understands you in a way no one can. There’s a reason why it’s called “Retail Therapy”.

5. I’m Setting Up For Next Season

No, you’re never “set” for the next season. You’ll always spot something too gorgeous to let slide and then pass it off as end of season shopping. You have new clothes with their tags still on, waiting to be worn once summer comes. Don’t you?

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