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Women of Today

Women of Today

Women of today- they  rule almost every sphere of the corporate world.

Despite all the added challenges they had to face, they achieved success and power and what arose from this was a new age woman, the Working Women. Aware of her powers, her brilliance, and her abilities. As they moved forward into the corporate world, so did their wardrobe. The wardrobe of working women was a combination of success, restraint, rebellion, strength, fun and of course a little bit of drama. Women started to dress in clothes which made them feel powerful and invincible.

The question then arises, “Why so much stress on work wardrobe”? Well, why not! Here are some reasons I can think of:

If we dress well, we feel more confident and our body language portrays that. People we work with perceive us as more authoritative, competent and reliable. Nothing can match up to the feeling one gets when they know they are looking good. If you look good, you feel good and you work well. This automatically makes you feel powerful. Over time, you realize that you can control how you feel about yourself and this again is a great feeling to have. First impressions matter. We always associate a person with the first impression we have of them, the image that was stored in our minds within 5 seconds of meeting them, and that image lasts a lifetime. As someone truly said, “ There are no second chances to a first impression.” so make it a good one.

Without a doubt, the way we dress plays an important role in our work life. So make a little effort to learn about it, spend a little time to work on it and use this subconscious visual association to your advantage.

“Vain trifles as they seem, clothes have, they say, more important offices than to merely keep us warm. They change our view of the world and the world’s view of us.

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