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Use Your Outfit To Ace An Interview!

Use Your Outfit To Ace An Interview!

It is true what they say about first impressions. In the words of American Diplomat Elliott Abrams, “First impressions matter. Experts say we size up new people in somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes”. This charming fact makes itself prominent in interviews, where a lovely smile and confident stride might not be enough to make you stand out.

Green Woven Design Flared Kurta

It's not just about dressing in smart separates, your interview outfit should reflect a wholesome image of who you are as a prospective candidate. According to the Global Market Manager of Citi Private Bank, Ida Liu, “The interview should be focused on the message you're trying to convey. Your clothing shouldn't be stealing the show or, worse, distracting from your message.”
Job hunting can be overwhelming, so we’re here with a checklist to help you create the perfect interview outfit!

Green Woven Design Flared Kurta

Be Creative But Keep It Formal

 Button down: check! Sleek trousers: check! Now what? Well, this is where you can showcase your creativity. Rather than wearing a simple button down and trousers, go for a basic subtle kurti option ! An added detail will portray a persona of someone who thinks out of the box, and trust us - it’s a trait that won’t go unnoticed.

Steer Clear Of Distracting Details

 You might think that a pair of statement hoops and pretty kurti will look stylish, but these are exactly the things that can distract the interviewer from the topic. Keep your accessories to a minimum and be modest with your choice of outfit style.

Green Woven Design Flared Kurta

Don’t Ignore Your Personal Style

 While it’s important to keep your look minimal, your personal style statement should shine through. So if you’re not comfortable in a pantsuit, you can gladly opt for a smart shift dress or a casual kurti.

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