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The Definitive 2019 Trends You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

by Jompers Fashion 21 Jan 2019
The Definitive 2019 Trends You Need to Have in Your Wardrobe

Fashion trends in 2019 are going to be contrasting aesthetics running parallel to each other. From metallic shorts to polka dots and from statement evening wears to neons and everything in between, here are trends that will set the tone for the upcoming season and will also inspire you to pick season’s choicest clothing options to keep your style game on. 

Hetal with Jompers

  • Marigold
    Toss away the mustards and embrace the bright and beautiful marigolds. Wear this color and brighten anyone’s day who gets to have a glance at you. 
  • Neons
    Dress in neons and make people have sore eyes with your striking fashion sense that can’t go unnoticed. 

Jompers Kurtis

  • Statement Evening Wear
    This year is the time to dress bigger than ever. This is just the right time to cover yourself with layers, frills and a fanciful outfits.
  • En Beige 
    Beige outfits have been sartorial big guns for some time and they’ll continue to do so this fashion season. Dresses, suits, midis, skirts and even shirts in beige are meant to make way to your wardrobe.

Hetal blogger for Jompers

  • Floral Prints
    Prints will go wild this season with floral print prowling around in every glamorous evening, day and night.

  • Bold Colours
    Bold colors outfit has been, is and always will be in fashion, period. 


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