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Major 2022 trends to look out for

Major 2022 trends to look out for

As this in-between season gets more confusing, with warm spring days that
turn into winter at night, you might be tempted to overlook 2022’s biggest
fashion trends,seen on the runways in September, in favour of a 24/7
sweatpants existence. Lucky for you, soft clothes are a piece of the 2022 style
puzzle. That said, they’re not the only items on deck.
Nostalgia is the name of the game.

Jompers kurta for women trend

With Y2K fashion, peaking higher than ever, the remainder of the year has
plenty of fun trends in store for the next reemergence wave. Spotlight-stealing
attire with a joyous mood is taking over, from vivid colours and prints to bold
silhouettes like bubble dresses, volume tops, cutouts galore, and ultra-low rise
on pants and skirts.
Accessories are in on the fun, too. Think: chunky-AF platforms,
rainbow-bright bags, and a more-is-more jewellery aesthetic combining beads,
pearls, and rhinestone-decked baubles. Oh, and if your New Year’s resolution
was to adopt a new signature colour, you better make it purple — it’s the 2022
hue in all tints, from saturated violet and lavender shades.

Jompers trendy kurta for women outfits

Ahead, a deeper dive into 2022's biggest fashion trends.

Whether an oversize, fleece-lined jogger is your jam or you’re more the
elevated soft-pants type, preferring knitted flares and flowy culottes, we’re
predicting leisurely bottoms as a 2022 constant, mostly thanks to the
continuation of hybrid work setups.

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