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Kurta design tips that will make you look slimmer

by Jompers Fashion 17 Jun 2022
Cotton Kurta Sets

1) There are various types of kurtas available in the market, but there are
only a few that will make you look slim. Hence, opt for vertical print kurtas.

2) If you want to look slim in a kurta, always remember that the longer the
length of your kurta, the better it is. A kurta that is a little above your ankle,
paired with palazzos will not just make you look slimmer, but will also make
for a great fashion statement.

Yellow kurta for women & White ethnic dresses for women Motifs Printed Lace Detail Anarkali Kurta

3) Focus on colours (the darker, the merrier) as they have the ability to
conceal belly fat. So go in for hot pinks, maroons, blacks, browns, navy
blues and the likes.

4) Pick the right print and pattern according to your body type. Remember
that large prints and patterns add bulkiness to your kurtas whereas small
patterns trick the eyes and make the person wearing them look slim and

White ethnic dresses for women Motifs Printed Lace Detail Anarkali Kurta | Yellow kurta for women

5) Select the right fabric for your body type. To create a flow statement, you
should pick fabric such as cotton georgette and chiffon that will give you a
slimmer look as well as define your fashion statement.

6) Adding layers to your clothes (the right way) not only looks smart but
makes you look toned as well. Layer your kurta with a thin belt or a satin
shrug on a noodle-strap kurta and become the head-turner of the occasion.

kurta for women in Yellow & White ethnic dresses for women

7) You can definitely go for plunging necklines if you want to but if you are
specifically looking forward to looking slim in a kurta, then opt for V-neck
kurtas or collars as that will make you look slimmer.

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