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5 Things Fashion Girls Always Hear

5 Things Fashion Girls Always Hear

They’re the ones who people go to for fashion tricks and beauty tips. They rule the style scene and are the cause of envy among many a fashion enthusiast. They create and follow their own favourite trends, they’re the know-it-all when it comes to style sensibilities! As fashionmongers ourselves, we’ve had a fair share of “oohs!” and “aahs!” from our fellow ladies who ask us these WTF questions -

1. Where Do You Shop?

Really? If we begin to ponder over wherever we’ve shopped, we’ll all be here for ages! We’re fast, fashion savvy girls with a keen eye for a stylish items, we find gems everywhere. From a thrift store to a high-end boutique, we mix and match pieces to create our own unique outfit! Who shops at just one store?

Jompers Women Purple & Black Printed Handloom A-Line Kurta


2. Where Do You Put All Your Stuff?

Unlike what you may think, we don’t sleep on it. We like to keep our things neatly organised and easy to reach, which is what reminds us that we have fabulous stuff that deserves to be flaunted. And yes, a walk-in-closet is perpetually on our wish list!

Jompers Women Olive Green Solid A-Line Kurta

3. You Should Open A Shop!

 Why would you say that to us? We spent our hard earned money and found drool-worthy stuff that we love and do not want to give up. And what would you find in that shop? Shoes and clothes in just one size! Who wants to go to such a shop?

Jompers Women Red and black colour-block Rayon A-line Kurta

4. Teach Me How To Dress Up!

Trust us ladies, this ain’t a one time thing. Style is an acquired taste and we’re more than flattered to be the one dishing out cool trend info but you’ll have to practice this one on yourself.

 Jompers Women Olive Green Solid A-Line Kurta

5. Do You Dress Up Every Day?

 This question makes zero sense to us. Why would we want to look like a star one day and a homeless drug addict the next? We’re in a serious committed relationship with fashion and we’re in it for real, this ship sails every single day!


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